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Interior design and furnishing

You are thinking about buying real estate in Croatia?
Whether you choose the hospitable Adriatic Coast, beautiful Gorski Kotar or exotic Istrian inland, you can not go wrong.
The next step after buying real estate is an interior decoration.

DUT Interiors are offering a complete interior decorating service – from design concept to supervised execution.
We will ensure you to enjoy in your vacation home as soon as possible, and it will be truly a place where you will feel great and forget about all your worries and problems.
Together we can create interior designs that satisfy your needs, possibilities, habits and desires, while conceiving a functional space. Along with happy home, our well-known brand that offers a modern design that is adaptable to any space and age, we create a ravishing atmosphere right from the main entrance.
Happy home... an oasis of peace for you, your family and friends... it's what we all desire.

Dut Interiors will help you make this dream come true.
We are offering everything from curtains, fabrics, linens and bean bags to furniture made of polyurethane foam, sets, and other custom-made furniture, all per affordable price.